Navigating Bedwetting: A Guide to Nighttime Potty Training

Imagine this: you've just fallen into a deep sleep when your child appears at your bedside and wakes you up with the dreaded phrase “I had an accident!” You bid a good night’s sleep goodbye, and get up to clean up your child, change out the bedding, and start yet another load of laundry. The frustration and concern wash over you, and you wonder, "When will this end?" Bedwetting is a common challenge for many children from toddlerhood all the way up through the double digits. It's problematic for various reasons, from the inconvenience of midnight sheet changes to health and cleanliness concerns. Many parents feel lost when it comes to fixing bedwetting. The good news is that sometimes the solutions are easier than you’d think! In this blog post, we'll explore when and how to intervene on bedwetting and I’ll provide you with a roadmap to navigate this (hopefully short) phase. How Do You Know When It's Time to Intervene on Bedwetting? The journey to conquer bedwetting begins with recognizing when the time is right for intervention. Bedwetting is a common occurrence, and every child is different in terms of when they are physically and developmentally ready for dry nights. To [...]