Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

My approach is based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA involves studying behavior and the environment carefully to determine ways to increase desirable behavior and decrease problematic behavior. In the case of sleep, I work with clients to increase healthy sleep habits including building a bedtime routine and keeping a consistent schedule. I also focus on decreasing unhealthy sleep habits like inappropriate sleep dependencies, calling or crying out, and night time wakings. When using ABA, we examine the ABC’s of behavior: Antecedents, Behavior, and Consequences. Antecedents are things that happen before behavior, and consequences are the things that happen immediately after behavior. These things both have an important impact on behavior, and by changing antecedents and consequences we can change behavior.

During assessment and treatment, I will help you discover ways to alter those antecedents and consequences so that everyone can get a healthy night’s sleep!

About Sleep Problems and How I Help Fix Them

Sleep is behavior. Just like jumping rope, riding a bicycle, talking, or throwing a temper tantrum, sleeping- and more specifically falling asleep- can be taught and can be changed. When good sleep habits are practiced, anyone can learn how to be good sleepers, and these skills can last for life!

Typically, good sleep depends on four key elements: a regular sleep routine (before bed), developing appropriate sleep dependencies, decreasing behavior that interferes with falling asleep, and sticking to a regular sleep schedule. If these four elements are developed and adhered to, good sleep habits will come quickly, and last a lifetime. This goes for both children and adults!

All four of these essential healthy sleep habits are attainable (often easier than you would think) for all sleepers! For most clients, just a few weeks of hard work and persistence can make a lifetime of difference in sleep. Contact me about sleep coaching and take back the night!

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