Welcome to my blog, where we’ll embark on a journey to learn about the fascinating world of sleep and the transformative power of sleep coaching. My name is Keira, and I’m a Behavior Analyst who specializes in sleep disorders. I’m excited to share my knowledge and insights with you! In this first blog post, we will discuss why sleep coaching is a worthwhile investment for both adults suffering from insomnia and parents of children suffering from sleep problems. So grab a cozy blanket, settle in, and let’s learn about sleep!


The Sleep Epidemic:

Prioritizing sleep often takes a back seat to our hectic schedules in today’s fast-paced world, even for children. However, research consistently shows that getting enough sleep is essential for our overall health. Sleep is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, from improving cognitive function and mood regulation to supporting physical health. Unfortunately, sleep disorders affect millions of people worldwide, including adults and children. However, you don’t have to live with sleep issues! There are treatment options, and they may be simpler than you think. With the assistance of a good sleep coach, you or your child could be sleeping better in just a few days!


Demystifying Sleep Problems:

Sleep problems are often behavioral in nature, and they can come in many different forms, making them uniquely challenging to address on your own. I frequently see adults and children with sleep issues such as difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, waking up too early, night terrors or nightmares, and difficulty winding down at night.  My role as a sleep coach is to help you untangle complex sleep problems and understand the underlying causes of your sleep problems. Through careful assessment and analysis, I can help you understand where your sleep issues are coming from and how we can better arrange your environment to support healthy sleep habits. We can then create a personalized sleep coaching plan that is tailored to your specific needs.


Customized Strategies for Lasting Change:

One of the biggest advantages of sleep coaching is the opportunity to receive customized strategies that will work for you or your family, and will promote lasting change. Sleep is a deeply personal experience, and what works for one individual may not work for another. By collaborating with a sleep coach, you will learn evidence-based techniques and interventions that are tailored to your unique circumstances. My goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to transform your sleep habits for a lifetime of good sleep, from implementing relaxation techniques and sleep hygiene practices to addressing problematic habits and behavioral patterns. I always ensure clients feel comfortable with every aspect of their sleep treatment plan before we get started- if it’s going to work you have to feel confident that you can do it!

Accountability and Support:

Beginning a journey toward better sleep for yourself or a loved one can be daunting, especially if you’re trying to figure it all out on your own. Sleep coaching offers invaluable expertise, support, and accountability that can help you finally conquer night-time struggles. I will be your guide as your sleep coach, offering encouragement, guidance, and a listening ear throughout your sleep transformation. We’ll set realistic goals and create a road map to success together, and I’ll be there to help you every step of the way. We will also collaborate to collect sleep data in order to objectively measure progress, so we can make sure we are on the right track.

The Ripple Effect: A Well-Rested Life:

When we prioritize sleep, we open the door to a well-rested life that extends far beyond our nights. Adequate sleep improves cognitive abilities, increases productivity, and promotes emotional well-being. It enables us to be our best selves at work, school, and in our personal lives. Well-rested children are happier, healthier, and more prepared to learn and face the challenges of the day. You are investing in a better, healthier future for yourself and your loved ones when you invest in sleep coaching.

Sleep coaching is emerging as a valuable and worthwhile investment in a world that frequently overlooks the importance of sleep. Sleep coaching paves the way for long-term change and a well-rested life by addressing the underlying causes of sleep problems and providing you with tailored solutions. Remember, the path to restful nights begins with a single decision. Together, we can unlock the power of sleep and embrace a brighter future. Better sleep awaits when you are ready to take back the night!


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